Astor Galding

Astor Galding was the son of a minor lord in what would one day be known as Altae. His father had enough influence to see Astor educated in every facet of war and ruling, and when his father died, Galding took control of his house and never looked back.

Galding’s War started as nothing more than a skirmish between lesser houses. Under Astor’s leadership, Galding’s land holdings tripled in a year and a half. While other lords sat content in their castles Astor plotted and schemed to take more lands, to gather more power. Eventually the great lord Burna began to take notice of this young lord who was so well loved by his people.

Burna watched silently as Galding gathered more and more strength to its cause. Eventually Lord Burna became so frightened of Galding’s potential that he decided to march against Galding.

Burna, his sons, and his nephews were dead within the four months.

After the destruction of the Burna house, Astor declared Galding a great house and by extension claimed he was a great lord. The other great lords were unsure how to handle this rowdy and powerful upstart, and when the king called the banners to war, nearly half of the great lords joined Galding’s side.

The war was a massacre.

For the next four years Astor ruled in peace. His people came to love him and the lords came to trust him implicitly. But the young king was not satisfied. So on the dawn of his thirtieth birthday Astor Galding once again marched to war. The other nations of Altae fell one by one to the onslaught that was Astor Galding.

It was a cold autumn morning on the border between Altae and Nisaga when a stray arrow took Astor Galding in the throat. To this day his descendants hold the throne of Altae, but never has a man been born that could match Astor Galding in the arts of war.

Astor Galding

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