Night 3

The third night of the Tralon campaign

I don’t know why on earth you’d be reading this, but if you are here is a brief recap.

The team currently consists of five people:

Ransom – Halfling rouge
Rhaegar – Human ranger
Rurik – Dwarf fighter
Bartus – Half-elf cleric
Saerio – Human sorcerer

They stormed to the top of a tower…. I can give more background later.

All but Rhaegar are level two. Rhaegar is level 3.

Lets get this shit started.

There is a very strongly fortified fortress (HA alliteration…) and these guys are going to storm it. Cause we’re playing D&D… of course they’re gonna storm it.

They’re talking about how the fuck to get into this place

The army they’re with busts the down main gate and these five men are the first to launch into the battle.

The party enters a fight against twelve guards just outside the main gate.
Ransom gets the first kill, and Rurik gets the second. Ten to go.
Rhaegar gets numbers three and four with his hammer.
Saerio gets downed by an arrow, but Bartus pulls it out deftly.

For what its worth he was pulling an arrow out of Saerio’s ass.

Rurik got a 20-20 crit and snap a man’s neck with his shield… it was pretty cool

Rhaegar then slit an archers throat.
Bartus continues his run for MVP by bringing Saerio back to health with style

Ransom gets another kill. Five to go, and another one hit for Rurik.
Rhaegar daggers the last bowmen. Three left

Ransom gets one more, then Rurik gets one and Rhaegar gets the last.

That was fun. All twelve guards go down and the party has access to the fortress.

They make a straight shot towards the central building.

Inside they find a slaughter. Eviscerated courses, severed limbs, burnt bodies. There is naught but gore. There is one bloody trail leading towards a single door.

This night is done. We’ll be back for more later.



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